AyalaWelcome to my website!

By day I am an occupational therapist – I teach people who were affected by accident or disease to regain their independence. I have been doing this for many years, but never full time. Rewarding as this work is, I put time aside for my PICTURE 2other passions.

I have been a visual artist for over 35 years. My work is mainly with fibers of all kinds – fabrics, ropes, metal shavings, plastic sheets, even seaweed. I also enjoy creating paper collages and wearable art. Visit my art studio page to see more of that side of my life. Be sure to check out the galleries and see images of my creations. You may find something you would like to take home with you.

Besides creating art, I also love to eat, and I really love to cook. What I don’t like is long, multi- step and PICTURE 3complicated recipes. I love reading about them, looking at the pictures, and if anyone would cook them for me I would love to eat them, but I am too busy to make them. Many of my friends are vegetarians, and when they discovered that delicious vegetarian food can be easily and quickly made in the kitchen, they started asking for recipes. This inspired me to start teaching cooking classes, and to put together Ayala’s Kitchen Cookbook, full of quick and easy vegetarian recipes for busy cooks. You can find it on my kitchen page.

A little history – I was born in Israel, where I lived until my early 30s. Yes, I did serve in the military (most people want to know about that). I grew up in Tel Aviv, which is a fascinating metropolitan city, went to school in Beer Sheva – a small town in the desert which, like most of Israel, is mentioned in the bible, but at this time boasts a growing university and medical center. I lived for a few years in Jerusalem, which is one of the most fascinating places on Earth. In 1990 I came to New York for what was supposed to be an 18 months Advanced Masters occupational therapy program PICTURE 4in NYU. After completing my studies, and doing a bit of research, I decided to travel and see the country. This is when I met my husband, SiriOm Singh, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Besides being a part time occupational therapist like me, SiriOm is a visual artist,PICTURE 5 musician and yogi. Check out his website to see his art, listen to his music and learn about his classes and workshops. We are very much involved with each other work. I produced SiriOm’s music albums, and when you look at our art you can see how we influence each other. We live in Trenton, NJ, a town struggling to realize it’s great potential.

Bringing together our different ethnic, cultural and spiritual background, we have embraced diversity as a means to create communication, compassion and peace in the world. You can say we are optimists. A few years ago Essence of Life Organization in Israel produced and posted this interview with us:

Recently, SiriOm and I opened our own art gallery. After years of showing our art in galleries, museums, coffee shops and art fairs, we decided we need to have our own location.
Named with consideration of the way we influence each other’s art, Cross Pollination Gallery is located in the beautiful town of Lambertville NJ, in the heart of scenic and artistic Bucks County, and has enjoyed much success since we opened in September 2018.

Our clients often comment on the pleasant atmosphere our art creates in our gallery, a relaxed energy they are happy to take home and infuse their space with.

The gallery is located at 69 Bridge Street in Lambertville, and open Thursday through Monday 11am-5pm.
Come visit us, like our facebook page, join our facebook group
and contact us at info@crosspollinationgallery.com to be added to our mailing list, and find out about all our events