I started working with fibers in 1981, as a result of an accident – a stained favorite dress that required some embroidery to cover up the stains. The embroidery not only enhanced the favorite dress, but proved to be so much fun that I started looking for other embroidery projects. After exhausting my wardrobe and filling family and friends’ living spaces with embroidered tablecloths and pillows, I met fiber artist Annette Fine in Jerusalem, Israel, and discovered that there is much more to fiber art than decorating. I studied with Annette Fine for a few years, which opened up new artistic expression possibilities for me.


I think of my art as collage, which uses threads, fabrics and other materials as an alternative to a paint brush to create an image. I look at an art work as a story that is telling itself and evolves on its own, and so my work is not pre- planned. I may have a general idea of the image I want to create – most of the time not even that. I start stitching, and then follow the story and let it manifest itself on my work surface. Fibers add an extra dimension to the work, that creates complexity and mystery. I like working also with paper collages. For one thing, they are faster, so I get to see the whole story much quicker than with a fiber piece. But they are also more challenging, because whatever the story is, it is two dimensional, and so a more limited form of expression.

Round Pendant IV 2' diameter private collection

Speaking of challenge, do you realize that the size of
a piece is a challenge by itself? Larger pieces are easier to express yourself with, the smaller the piece the more of a challenge. Think about the difference between a novel and a haiku, and you get the picture. That is why I enjoy what I call minis – 4×4’ pieces, and even circles of 2’ diameter, which can be hung on the wall or around the neck, as a piece of jewelry.

My work has been on display in Israel as well as NJ. Here is a select exhibition list:

Da Vinci Art Alliance, Philadelphia PA

Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts Millville NJ

Ellarslie, Trenton City Museum

Prallsville Mill, NJ

Artsbridge, Lambertville, NJ

The Gallery at Mercer County Community College

ArtWorks, Trenton, NJ

Tel Aviv City Museum In The Park, Israel

Naamant Center, Tel Aviv , Israel

Beit Haomanim, Jerusalem, Israel

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