I like to eat, and I really love to cook. Unlike many chefs, I did not learn to cook from my mother or grandmother – they were not very interested in the kitchen. I am a self- taught cook, with a passion for reading cookbooks. My cooking is inspired by my appetite, my imagination, and what I taste, read and see.

I love reading long, multi- step and complicated recipes. Cooking them is a different story, I am way too busy for that. So when I entertain, which I also love to do, my guests always assume I spent the day slaving in the kitchen, while in reality I mostly cook quick and simple dishes. They just taste interesting and elaborate.

Many of my friends are vegetarians, and when they discovered that delicious vegetarian food can be easily and quickly made in the kitchen, they started asking for recipes. This inspired me to host small groups of people interested in learning how to make delicious yet easy meals, and to put together Ayala’s Kitchen Cookbook. Scroll down for the cookbook information.


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Now enjoy Ayala’s Kitchen recipes in your own kitchen. Over 40 vegan and vegetarian recipes. From breakfast to beverages, from appetizers to desserts, including stories and serving suggestions.

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Cooking classes, in my home (limited to 4 participants) or yours, are enjoyable and delicious. Choose from a menu of various items, from breakfast dishes to vegetarian entrées and from salads to desserts. And at the end of the class, we get to eat it, too!

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